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David J. Peterson

David J. Peterson

After his linguistics studies concluded by an M.A. from University of California, San Diego, in 2006, David J. Peterson co-founded the Language Creation Society which promotes constructed languages. He is then chosen by HBO to create the Dothraki language for its Game of Thrones series, and goes on inventing many languages for television, the movie industry, and literature.
He has to his credit Dothraki, High Valyrian and its derivatives (Game of Thrones), Castithan, Irathient, Indogene, Kinuk’aaz and Yanga Kayang (Defiance), Shiväisith (Thor: The Dark World), Sondiv (Star-Crossed), Væyne Zaanics (The Zaanics Deceit), Lishepus (Dominion), Trigedasleng (The 100), Verbis Diabolo (Penny Dreadful), both Munja’kin and Inha (Emerald City), Noalath (The Shannara Chronicles), Orcish (Warcraft: The Beginning), Nelvayu (Doctor Strange), Övüsi and Bodzvokhan (Bright), Azrán (Into the Badlands), and Afata, G’Vunna, Gandal and Veda (Arena of Valor), Elvish (The Christmas Chronicles), Achaian and Tala (Another Life), Elder Speech (The Witcher), some languages for the upcoming Dune movie (Chakobsa?) as well as many other languages ​​not yet commercially exploited.

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