Counting in Jawaese

Language overview

Jawaese is a fictional language that belongs to the Star Wars universe. It is spoken by the Jawas of the planet Tatooine. This language has been created by Ben Burtt, sound designer for the Star Wars movies, and is inspired by the sounds of the Zulu language.

Due to lack of data, we can only count accurately up to 10 in Jawaese. Please contact me if you can help me counting up from that limit.

Jawaese numbers list

  • 1 – po
  • 2 – ko
  • 3 – kyo
  • 4 – yo
  • 5 – dyo
  • 6 – lyo
  • 8 – ho
  • 9 – to
  • 10 – kisewa
  • 100 – gakisewa
  • 1,000 – hakisewa
  • one hundred million – jo jo muma

Jawaese numbering rules

  • Digits from one to nine are specific words, with the exception of seven which does not exist in the Jawaese arithmetics: po [1], ko [2], kyo [3], yo [4], dyo [5], lyo [6], ho [8], and to [9].
  • The only documented ten is kisewa [10].
  • Three powers of ten are also known: gakisewa [100], hakisewa [1,000], and jo jo muma [one hundred million].

Write a number in full in Jawaese

Enter a number and get it written in full in Jawaese.


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