Frequently Asked Questions

Some characters are wrongly displayed as little rectangles

This site pages encoding uses Unicode (utf-8). Your browser may not be set to use this encoding.
Very likely, the font used is not yet installed on your computer. You need to install it from one of the sites listed in the links of the “How to count in…” page for the given language.

  • To install a new font on Windows, upload the TrueType font file (with the .ttf extension) in the directory C:\WINDOWS\Fonts (Windows XP/95/98/Me) or C:\WinNT\Fonts (Windows NT/2000).
  • To install a new font under Mac OS 9, upload the binary font file (with the .bin extension) in the System folder.
  • To install a new font under Mac OS X, upload the binary font file (with the .bin extension) in the folder /Library/Fonts (for all users) or into /Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts (for you only).

What is your privacy policy?

When you enter in contact with me through the contact form or directly by writing to, your email address is not and will not be used for any commercial purpose like for instance mailing list, advertising, sale to a third party…

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Some acknowledgements?

I would like to thank here the UniLang community for the replies of its members to my many questions, as well as all the people who contact me with corrections and suggestions.
If you have made a contribution but are not listed here, if you would like your name altered or removed, or if you would like a link to your website, please contact me. Many thanks to you all!
Contributors: Clifford Abbott, André Bisseret, Francisco Cascales Rueda, Cornelius Heinrichs, Sharl Henning, Geraint Jennings, Aleksandar Katic, George Muresan, Sosthène Nziengui, Sebastian Wolff…